ABOUT ME – Sock Bun Studios

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Hi! Welcome to the Squad! Pull up a chair and grab a drink! I'm Sarah and you're now part of one of the best groups around. Messy hair? No make-up? Leggings for days? Some of my favorite days are spent this way!
If you can believe it, I didn't actually plan out Sock Bun Studios to become the scrunchie empire of the world. That was just a happy accident. But now that we're here, I'm so glad that this is exactly the space this has become in the world.
When I'm not making scrunchies (which honestly isn't that often) you can find me playing with our dog Millie, binging a Hallmark movie marathon (bonus points if it's Christmas), planning my next trip to Disney, or saving another baking recipe that I promise I'll get around to SO soon! You can also hear me talk about random things every week over at Sarah Says anywhere podcasts are available. Thanks TikTok for that idea!
I hope these scrunchies bring a smile to your face and memories of simpler times (if you were fortunate to be around during the first Scrunchie go like me). If you want to see what I'm up to, go ahead and follow along on Instagram!