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THROWBACK Cherry Blossom Floral Scrunchie

THROWBACK Cherry Blossom Floral Scrunchie

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Here’s to the throwbacks! This collection is full of rare, limited fabrics found in our craft room cupboard! Trust me - no one has Scrunchies like this one!

This order is for one early 2000s pink cherry blossom floral print Scrunchie. Measured for a regular “adult” sized wrist and hair - wrapping 2-3 times depending on hair thickness!

These scrunchies are all hand cut and stitched by me. Flat elastic is tied inside and the ends are liquid stitch glued together to make sure you’ve got the strongest bond that will stand the test of time!

**Pick three to make a Scrunchie pack! Each Scrunchie is individually listed for order or you can do our popular pick 3 pack in the shop!**

All can be made for adults and kids for the perfect matching look.

*due to the fabric and designs, each Scrunchie may look slightly different than pictured!

Materials: fabric glue,flat elastic,cotton