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The Sunday Whistledown Edition

Gentle reader, is there anything better than a Sunday morning, reading through the gossip papers while drinking your tea?

I took it upon myself to help you out in your Sunday reading by condensing all of the best of Whistledown for you! 

If you're like me and are obsessed with the thought of these sweet gossip papers, you can grab an editable PDF version like I did from Macarons For Breakfast on Etsy. 

But, if you're not one to take hours of your life to type out all the best of the Whistledown columns from the books (or if you can't even get your hands on the books in paperback form), you're in luck!

Click the links below to grab some excerpts from Whistledown from:

Simon and Daphne (Season 1): The Duke & I

Anthony and Kate (upcoming season 2): The Viscount Who Loved Me

Benedict Part 1 - 1815

Benedict Part 2 - 1817

Colin and Penelope 

All you need to do is click the files to print, then you can glue or use scrapbook double-sided tape to paste them together. 

Or, you can check out my sped up version below. 



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Happy gossip reading, dear readers! 

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