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The 1814 Tea is Hot In Season 2 Bridgerton

Dearest gentle reader, did you miss me? Lady Whistledown is back in season 2 of the hit Netflix show Bridgerton with even sharper knives and I have all the hot goss to enjoy while having your morning tea...or coffee - whichever you prefer. 

After the hit phenomenon debuted in December of 2020, many people, yours truly included, that flocked to the books. And since I also like to hyper focus on the things that I love, I turned all the excerpts from the books into their own Whistledown society papers for your Bridgerton themed parties. It was only right that I keep up the all the drama and make a new set including all the season two drama that unfolded. Although, if you ask me, I still mourn over how the interpreted The Viscount Who Loved Me for this season. 

If you're still processing the second season, you can find all the podcast reviews of each episode over at Sarah Says! Find Episode 1 review here.

Click HERE for the new season 2 Whistledown society papers. You can print two-sided or you can print both pages and then use paper adhesive to tape together and cut around the edges. You can also find all the other Whistledown papers HERE from a previous blog post! 





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