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Quarantine Diary Day 4

Frozen 2 Olaf we call this making the best out of what we can control


Hey everyone! How's it going? I know that social distancing in this time can be hard, and I know everything is changing between morning and night but first I want to say - we're going to get through this. Second - I want to help with the boredom and anxiety! 

I spent today creating a few fun things to help pass time and keep spirits up. First I went ahead and made a twelve HOUR long playlist of music that you suggested and my ultimate dance favorites to break up your day and maybe introduce you to some new artists. You can find it HERE on Apple Music. 

Next, I drew my first ever coloring sheet! I'm kind of in love with this and I hope you guys love it too because I can't wait to work on some other fun scrunchie and 90s inspired designs. Of course for the first design I had to make sure this scrunchie fam knows we're all in this together! 


You can CLICK HERE for the PDF version to print.

Make sure you're on the Instagram page to find daily tips during this quarantine time! Keep washing those hands, stay at home as much as possible and spread positivity not germs. 


- S

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