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Quarantine Diaries Day 9

Hello lovelies! How are we feeling out there? I'm going to be honest - I had a pretty normal week but the weekend hit me hard. Ohio is no officially on "Stay At Home" orders and all non-essential shops are officially closed (although most of them have been closing over the last few days.) It was hard from a small business perspective. How can I keep an online shop going if I can't go to the shops to get my supplies? How do I get my supplies online to keep costs down when Amazon cuts off third-party retailers for the time being? 

And then there was the knowledge that there's so many medical professionals out there risking their lives to help us that don't have the protective equipment they need. How do we help them if we can't get to fabric, elastic, thread? Saturday was a hard day. 

But here's the beauty of hard days - they push you to something better. By Saturday late late afternoon I had a full plan in place for the shop and for the masks and Sunday my mom (aka the best unpaid assistant ever) worked on a mask pattern I had found and got it down to a science. When I talked to her on the phone Monday she had over 20 halfway done. I made one last run to Hobby Lobby before they closed at 8pm to grab more materials and I think I can safely say that we'll be able to help quite a few people with masks they so desperately need. 

Now it's Tuesday and I'm ready to get back in a good headspace - which isn't always the easiest to do, I get it. That's why I want to share a few things I found super helpful this weekend and today to lift my spirits. 

First - The Family Disney website and Youtube channel is TOP notch in relaxation and fun ideas. As a nanny to two children 5 and under, it can be hard to find things both can do at the same time. But, they absolutely loved the Disney yoga session (today they chose the Lion King) and the DIY tutorial videos. In fact, I've got my eye on a few great ideas I plan to grab from my home craft room and do with the. 

Second - A new coloring sheet is here! You can click HERE to grab your newest Sock Bun Studios coloring sheet - Quarantine Hair Don't Care. I LOVE this design. So much. So much. I love it so much that I'm actually going to give you a bonus extra sheet HERE which I left blank at the top. Print it out, color it, throw it in a frame and you've got a solid new piece of artwork! 

Third - Podcasts! Outside of my killer playlist I shared in the last Quarantine Diaries (snag it HERE) I love listening to podcasts to take my mind off of the daily news cycle. My absolute FAVORITE podcast is out of England called Shagged, Married, Annoyed. You can also find them on Spotify if you don't have iTunes. I was laughing so hard at their latest episode on the drive back Sunday that I nearly forgot how I cried in the middle of a JoAnn's and in my car three times on Saturday. Chris and Rosie are hysterical and keep it incredibly real. 

Another great podcast is from my internet friend Samantha with She Read, He Said. If you love books, you'll love her podcast because she's ALL about reading and giving book recommendations! 

Maybe you're taking part in a good re-binge during this time? Let me introduce you to Binge Mode - another one of my favorite podcasts. I got introduced to them during the final season of Game of Thrones (I tried to link it directly but go to wherever you listen to podcasts and search Binge Mode Game of Thrones to get just GoT to show up) which was TOP NOTCH content each week but they've also previously done Harry Potter and most recently Star Wars

That's all for tonight guys, I hope you're staying safe, staying at home as much as possible and getting fresh air whenever you can! I love you all!



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