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2022 RushTok Bingo Game Night

It's officially that time of year again everyone! The sensation that took over TikTok in 2021 has returned for "season 2" with SEC rush season. In honor of what has been dubbed the women's fantasy football league, I made a few fun bingo cards to celebrate!
First up, the famous OOTD bingo card. While it's still up in the air about anyone from Alabama themselves posting (moms of Facebook please don't come for me), we have plenty of other SEC schools to get behind and that means the Pants Store and "normal jewelry" is just around the corner. (First one to get the rarest "gas station jewelry" should get a special prize)
And then we can't forget the dorms! The centerpiece to a truly spectacular moment last year was all of the dorm reveals. Mostly from the well known, After Five Designs. How can anyone forget the iconic dorm fridge cabinets and the apparently not so tiny "tiny couches." 
Happy Rush season everyone! 

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